With potions of swiftness amping up the medics’ running and reloading abilities, this mission of mercy looks a lot more feasible. Especially with E-Merl’s illusions grabbing all the attention and giving them the element of surprise.

E-Merl’s original line was “Abracadon’tkillme!” But Flo left the note, This is so dumb. Is this too dumb? This feels dumb. And I don’t know whether the original line was mine or hers, but I agree, it would’ve been dumb. Not because we couldn’t use a little unpretentious humor right now, but E-Merl is (1) not actually putting himself at that much risk and (2) actually encouraging the berserkers to try and kill him. That’s the whole point!

Details to appreciate: Astoria’s power now glows berserker red.