Pyre has, it seems, retained his fire-casting abilities but lost the self-preservation instinct that would prevent him from burning his own body. If he wasn’t dead when he was turned berserk, he is now.

Tobias Gnipgnop’s survival in panel 2 was a surprise to the closely observant: his trampled mask had been visible a couple of pages earlier. Looks like he, Scipio, and Isidro were able to save a couple others. Possibly more survived (Bert doesn’t seem too damaged)… but not many. Not many.

Saphora’s gonna have some PTSD just from the five minutes she spent on this battlefield, but thanks to her quick thinking, she won’t be going berserk today. Possibly ever, if the anti-berserk in her system means the spirit can never get its hooks in her. Hopefully sky elf magick can clear that question up for her, at the very least. But I think she’s one of the characters we stop seeing after this chapter, so (shrug).

Ordinarily, I’d say we had a “reaction to something off-panel cliffhanger” just three pages ago, but this is one time it’s worth repeating the beat.