Byron was not Patient Zero for the Battleshirean Madness, so he didn’t “meet” Brother Tom that day until Tom was on his way out of town and the spreading berserk was commanding a lot more of Byron’s attention than some creepy guy in a robe.

As others have pointed out, Homon’s eyes are pretty small to be an Arkerran. It’s as if his body hasn’t fully assimilated into Arkerra’s style, perhaps because it’s still linked to HR in Sepia World. When HR himself enters the game, his face will take on more Arkerran proportions.

Love that diss track in the last panel. Byron needed this moment of defiance, and really, so did we, given all the grimness that has been and is yet to arrive at this point. From FoolishOwl: “Now even Byron’s accusing people of being Best’s alts.”