“For months as you measure time.” My rule of thumb for “how much time has passed in Guilded Age since…” was to convert chapters to days if it’s Sepia World, weeks if it’s Arkerra. Obviously this does not work on a micro scale: this whole chapter is taking place 36 hours at most after Chapter 34, and running more or less simultaneously with Chapter 35. But I figure there have to be some relatively dull periods, even in this realm of adventure.

Flo explained Byron’s shout here with an interesting insight into his psychology. These are arguably his worst enemies, but when he loses it and shouts at them, it’s a warning. His real worst enemy is the Berserker. And even though he knows the Cultists and what they’re about, some core part of him can’t believe that someone would deliberately release the Berserker and all that it is. These are children playing with matches, unaware how fragile their basement is.

I like the little parallel of Homon and Tom both pulling long stabby things out of their robes, with Tom going more old-school. Incidentally, I’ve always been a little phobic of needles: not enough that I haven’t gotten the jab or anything, but it’s a mild neurosis of mine.