Miyamoto maybe has half a point, here. The Fightopians did seem a bit chaotic (any group with Sundar at its head is going to be) and the Kick-Backers were kind of raw and undisciplined, too. The idea that adventurers are just a bunch of “murder hobos” is a popular one in fantasy, especially game-based fantasy, so his argument seems like a genre-savvy one.

Unfortunately, Flo and I had moved the Peacemakers away from the “murder hobo” template early on, so the examples given in the art don’t really support Miyamoto’s argument once you think about them. Neither Gralor’s attack on the docks nor the Hammertank attack on Gnometown had anything to do with adventurers’ recklessness. The Peacemakers, in fact, stopped both incidents as quickly and cleanly as anyone could reasonably expect.

The only spot where they caused more damage than they maybe needed to was the burning church. And… (1) I don’t know, it’s not impossible that someone could’ve succeeded Scarlett directly if Frigg hadn’t sent the decisive message of setting the place on fire. And… (2) Miyamoto would have a lot more moral high ground about this incident if Jarvis hadn’t just stated that the fall of the Bloodshot Sisterhood was their plan, not just those rowdy, unmanageable adventurers doing random violence.

Back to Jarvis… I get that the Altruists respect Syr’Nj more for “being cold to the death of her mate,” but “We crushed your husband’s lifelong dream because it was stupid” is still a curious way to conclude a recruitment pitch.