“I really hate having to spell it all out for people.” As Frigg would say, “FUCKIN’ OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T!” He may be almost as famous for not talking as Scipio, but the difference is that if you open Scipio’s spout, you still just get a trickle. Jarvis, however, seems determined to make up for lost time until his daily word-count averages out to normal.

Syr’Nj’s reactions here are not brilliant…but I don’t think they’re unintelligent, either. She is experiencing that terrible feeling that idealists sometimes get, when they thought they’d seasoned themselves with the proper amount of cynicism and find the world far more cynical than they thought. But pretty much the best thing she can do for herself and the other Peacemakers is to let the Altruists continue to tell her everything.

Caneghem in panel 4 is feeling deja vu. He was once on the receiving end of a similar “offer” to the one being given Syr’Nj. His distaste for engaging with Gastonia is probably a little more relatable now.