Syr’Nj has not missed the threat behind Jarvis’ last sentence. Things have ramped up so quickly that in that first panel, she’s not even sure if she’s going to have to fight her way out of the hall. Most of the others present are not capable in battle, but Jarvis is probably her equal and has had time to prepare weapons…and if Caneghem is truly loyal to them, then one or two spells from him would most likely end her life. How quickly can she move in this dress? Unless she surprised Caneghem, she would have no defense. And if she did focus on him, then Jarvis would—

But no. Some norms of civility do remain. Iwatani genuinely likes Syr’Nj, and the others, save Miyamoto, feel she can be useful. They won’t hatch any plots against her until she gives them their answer.

What Syr’Nj does not realize, however, is that she gives them their answer on this page and the next. They know from her expressions and actions what she will do. Gifted as she is, she’s not used to this level of subterfuge, and so she does not realize how readable she is right now. That mistake will nearly be fatal.