#SorryNotSorry for rewriting today’s alt text… even when we posted the original, certain complaints about millennials were starting to feel a bit dated to me. A little while back, some commenter referred to a character I edited as “terminally millennial” because she was on her phone instead of looking at who she was talking to, and I was like…how old are you, holy crap.

The original tag, “That’s the Millennial spirit, Chrissie!”, probably reflected the conflict between me and Flo over Chrissie’s idea to “go viral with this.” On that issue, I was more Chrissie-ish, Flo was more Kaye-ish. To be fair to Flo, in the current info-drenched era, companies are not necessarily brought to their knees by scandals, even outrageous ones shared seemingly everywhere. (You fuckin’ know Hurricane has a lawyer somewhere whose job it is to call Fox News and say, “Well, Sean, this latest made-up scandal is just proof of how much some young people blindly hate capitalism.”) But I think Chrissie has a point: you don’t give up the fight just because you probably won’t win it in a single blow.

Chrissie’s fire is the main thing that’s kept this scene from being just a lifeless stack of expository branches, so far. I’m hoping she comes across here as a fully realized character, informed by but not generalized by her various minority identities (black, trans, woman—and yes, I know women aren’t really a minority, but nobody seems to have told certain segments of our society that, so).