So whose death scene was more obviously foreshadowed, Kaye’s or Persson’s? I’m thinking that on some level, we wanted to shock you a little bit less after the Cultist slaughterhouse. Both of them had to die for the sake of the larger arc, and their departures themselves needed to be wrenching, but the story makes a little more effort to prepare you for their demises than it does with deaths we really didn’t want you to see coming, like Naror’Nj’s in Chapter 18 and Gravedust’s in Chapter 8.

That said, we did at least want to make sure we killed Kaye at her most lovable, and so, with her last words, she shows herself to be not only snarky but a worthy debater. I don’t think this chapter would’ve worked if somebody didn’t resist the call to action, and with Daniel and Chrissie on the idealistic side, it was going to be Lia or Kaye.

There’s no really firm evidence of this in the text, but for some reason I think of Kaye as a little shaky, health-wise. Maybe it’s the way the script never has her going outside. Although she could be an Olympic gymnast and it probably wouldn’t make a difference to what’s about to happen.