[MCU-ish music kicks in, builds to feel-good crescendo]

I think the energy in the room here could’ve easily gone the other way. Before Kaye’s death, Chrissie was the only one of the gamers really advocating involvement. Now part of her feels like her own fervor is what got Kaye killed…she just kept arguing for a fight against Hurricane and then Hurricane struck back. That’s not a rational feeling, but it is a powerful one.

Pre-murder, Kaye was solidly against and Lia was a bit more regretfully against. Lia wants to believe in causes and justice, but she’s been burned too much in her life to lead any revolutionary charges. If two sides are arguing equally hard, she’ll usually pick the safer path. She needs someone else to awaken the Rachel in her.

Daniel was the only gamer who spent most of this chapter firmly undecided. He’s the sort, it seems, who isn’t too quick to make commitments…but he locks himself in 1000% once he does.

Lia has not failed to notice this about him.