Let’s address a minor issue before moving on to the bigger stuff. Johanna von Karajan noted that ABC 27 was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but we’d previously given Kaye’s address as being in Casper, Wyoming. You can call us out for that or assume Sepia World’s ever so slightly different in a few details beyond the existence of Hurricane Studios. Your choice!

Now: how believable is this? That JJ makes this his plan, and that it works?

I think there are two important qualifiers here. A good deal of this plan had to be improvised, and I don’t think the plan “works” so much as it “holds together long enough for JJ to get out of range.” He went to Kaye’s planning to murder her, but he didn’t anticipate that she’d be ordering pizza, any more than he expected her to be on call with every other person of interest in his sights. Intercepting the pizza guy and finding him both easily intimidated and easily bribed, JJ decided he’d be more useful alive. That delivery guy doesn’t seem likely to hold up under police interrogation very long, and forensic investigation will confirm the prints and DNA match a lot of other unsolved cases. But none of that is going to happen before JJ is in the wind again.

Long before we first saw him, JJ got used to living in the wind, to a life that depended on never being even detained by officers, to endless disposable false identities, to being an invisible man. (The highly recognizable look he has now is probably not the first such look he’s cultivated.) His high-paying, well-connected clients give him the resources to do this, outside of the occasional crime scene report. And considering the level of clientele he seeks, those crime scene reports are basically free advertising.