At this point, Flo was often redoing dialogue on the fly while lettering. The original script for the first two panels, shown below, does not display Flo’s ease with gaming jargon (which she knew better than me) as the final version does. The Iwatani dialogue from the draft also reflects older, discarded plot ideas. But I do like the way it shows Daniel as a little more engaged with E-Merl than his frustrated self is willing to admit.

1. E-Merl’s player Daniel sits on an easy chair, laptop in his lap, typing away and muttering E-Merl’s dialogue to himself.

“More frenz? Greaaaat! I love frenz!”
“So whussis favor you want me to do?”

2. Over Daniel’s shoulder and viewed from above, we see Iwatani’s in-color face on his laptop.

If you could coax your associates back here in an hour or so, I’ll explain. But essentially, I’d like you to go on a brief adventure of my choosing.
Ha, ha, sure. Why not, right?
We’re back, Daniel!