Yeah, we’re not gonna do an actual recap of Shanna and Xan’s adventures here! Those three flashback flashes are just there to confirm that Shanna is leaving nothing out in her version of events.

Details I like, #1: the way the danger to the group is matter-of-factly mentioned here. It’d be irresponsible of Shanna not to mention it, but it’d ramp the tension up too quickly for it to be discussed in terms that are too concrete.

It’s also good how Shanna immediately takes responsibility for putting these people in the crosshairs. It shows how responsible she still feels about Ferris. This survivor’s guilt will be important to the story soon.

Details I like, #2: Xan’s already forgotten more about apps than Shanna will ever learn, but Shanna does know a few old-school tricks like shorthand that are still of use in the modern world.