John executed on this brilliantly, but there is a lot of instruction in the script for this page. Here’s most of it:

In the “foreground,” the forward progress we have maintained since page 5 is finally halted, as Gravedust floats around like a scuba diver, not sure where to look next. There are two Gravedusts in this page, one facing the background with its back to us, the other facing us but seen from below and shouting.

The “background” is made up of images from Byron’s memories, disordered like shards of glass. We won’t be able to use too much recycled art here because all of these must be from BYRON’S visual perspective.

However, the images generally get more negative emotionally as we get further down the page, with a scene of Syr’Nj offering Byron her cure placed in the middle. This more or less corresponds to Gravedust’s observations.

Suggestions for images:

  • Chasing Bayen or Brayen around (we only saw a brief one and he has a LOT more memories of those days)
  • Syr’Nj’s back tattoos, presented in close-up with little context (we can infer that this comes from him watching her sleep after sex).
  • The giving of the speech for Adventurers’ Rights.
  • Drinking with the boisterous Sundar and Braggadocio.
  • Hacking the crap out of kobolds as in Chapter 1.
  • First meeting with Brother Tom:
  • Best’s smug mug, shortly after he defeated Byron in personal combat.
  • The dire bear from the start of Chapter 15.
  • Although it must be red-filtered, the image of Syr’Nj looking fearfully at him (the moment she says “You have a choice” in Chapter 8, shortly after confronting “the berserker” for the first time).
  • The dark forest outside Battleshire, where Byron was lost on two notable occasions in his life: