Flo’s notes on winter elves:

“The winter elves are anachronism personified. They see all of the past and future, collectively, all the time. Not everyone sees everything, but as a whole, they do. Therefore their individuality is expressed based on which timelines, possibly even UNIVERSES they are privy to as individuals making clothes and houses and art and whatnot.

Some of it may even resemble Sepia world. None of it would REALLY resemble Cyberia because they lack the technology, though they might have made a noble attempt. Other homages to different periods of history within Arkerra and ‘The Real World,’ but still made with the natural materials one could be expected to find in a mountainous region.

Evocative of other timelines and universes, rather than any direct copies.

The wood elves themselves are equally anachronistic in fashion choices, but again limited to materials on hand and again, MOST of them just kind of look like they walked out of a fantasy version of an LL Bean catalog (http://guildedage.net/comic/chapter-1-page-13/).

As far as what RACE they are based on, they would most strongly resemble Native Americans in skin tone and hair color.”

FB: “Being part of the fog that’s everywhere all at once means that every vacation can be a staycation! But it does make it kind of challenging to order a pizza.”