Weo’s original bit here was just, “I am the Oracle! Woooo! I’m spooky!” which is maybe a little more appropriate for a nine-year-old, but it wouldn’t trigger Best as deliciously as a short speech that ended with his favorite word would.

Flo was a little skittish about violence against children, whether threatened or actual. She edited down an earlier bit where Frigg implied she might harm Weo if he was just jerking her around. She thought child-threatening might be too far for Frigg, who’s a bit hair-trigger but ultimately a hero. Best, who’s basically a minor antagonist at this point, is in more of a position to get away with it.

FB: Yes, it’s true: all our characters’ names are secret acronyms. For example, there’s Winter Elf Oracle, Blond Egomaniac Singing Twerp, Sees Your Racisms Not Justice, and Berserker, Y R— [U Not Runnin’?] Oh No [It’s Because You’re All Dead].