So glad a few of you were paying attention yesterday and noted that the text is inconsistent about whether it’s “Bonesmasher” or “Bonecrusher.” Gravedust called him “Bonesmasher” one page prior and will call him “Bonecrusher” when this scene conclude in two more pages. The earlier versions of this page used no tags for Bonecrusher or Bonita, but did use them for their son Thunderpeak. So what’s a canonizer to do? Well, I think that (1) Gravedust was more likely to get the name wrong on first re-meeting than to get it wrong after talking with the family for a while and (2) I just like “Bonecrusher” better, so there.

Thunderpeak’s education about the mystics mostly amounts to “they were really into death or something, and Iver says that’s why all the Savasi keep dying in combat now.”

FB: Iver has had enough of these so-called mystics, whose talk about “peace” and “lives fully lived” essentially took war powers away from the tribe. Bad! (Yes, yes, we already made Taro into one Trump analogue, but it was 2017. There was more than enough Trump-obsession to go around.)