FB: “I know that at some points in the past, when we wanted to declare you our sister, you wanted us to cease and de-sister, but considering the threat to the world, we will join you as re-sisters. None of us are as puissant as you, but nevertheless, we have no small amount of muscle, per sister.”

When this page originally ran, only Tamara and Frigg were tagged: I added tags for Daisy to it retroactively when she got a little more to do in Chapter 50. Now it can be told: the other two sister’s names are Damask and Peony. The floral theme of “Peony” and “Daisy” may suggest that one or both of them renamed themselves out of respect for Rosita, whose example Tamara is now following. In general, I was out to evoke images of femininity to go hand in hand with this new sisterhood’s implied strength.

Both Tamara and Frigg are just plunging right into the realm of contradictions, aren’t they? “We don’t worship people any more, but we’ll submit to your mission.” “Yeah, you will, but can you not?” I think you need a head for oxymorons to get very far in philosophy or faith, though, so let’s see how this plays out.