Oh my gosh, it’s so cute that Damask actually thinks Frigg is turning them away in panel 1. She’s gonna get a crash course in Frigg-the-person as well as Frigg the reluctant teacher. They’re inseparable, really.

FB: “Your mission is to not accept this mission.”

“Pair o’ dogs” is probably one of the greatest puns I will ever be involved with.

The script for the last frame here went, “Frigg looks upward, having found something to say that she definitely believes. And if she glimpses Rachel in that skyward glance, she doesn’t say.” It was John’s idea to put the tree branches’ negative space into a shape that evokes Rachel’s “open heart” symbol. Frigg has little use for gods, but she has found reverence for her friendos. Especially one friendo who is no longer with her.