Ah, I’d forgotten that the guards were never going to have Lia and Chrissie arrested over this. Makes sense. It’s not worth the hassle to run in two people who show no sign of being dangerous. Most people are inclined to do what is easiest, which can work in your favor, sometimes.

(I’m not gonna tag Fred and Jeff or…Barry here, described in the script as “Booth Guy.” Even we have our limits. Sometimes I think about rewriting a scene to have fewer character names in the dialogue, just so nobody starts thinking of the wrong characters as important…but there are some places, like here, where avoiding names would be much more awkward than including them.)

John handles so much in this chapter with skill and grace, but I’m particularly fond of how realistic his egg-splotches look. Seriously, that is a lot harder to get right than you would think!

FB: Would you like some salt with that egg?