I feel like humanizing the guards as in panel 2 here might be a more controversial move than it used to be, but this is a hill I’m prepared to defend.

I feel like I’ve probably said this already, but the best way to sell a fake act is to put some real feeling into it. So Lia and even Chrissie end up airing their real grievances as they protest. This could’ve led directly to them being jailed, and it wouldn’t have even affected the plot much, but I think it’s fairly reasonable that they escape. They went in with an exit strategy, and those guards can’t pursue them for too far.

FB: “Eight years at Hurricane! Here’s your award [SPLAT]!” This one was topical at the time, though I forget the details…something about an award Blizzard offered in recognition of years of service that highlighted their troubling and wildly sexist office culture. Had we known more about that culture when we started Guilded Age, we probably would’ve played some office scenes differently.