FB: Sharxit.

I appreciate that Penk’s political skill has not deserted him through this exchange. He’s tried to challenge land shark pride  (“Why do you flee like minnows?”) and used Hammerhead’s own words  against him (“Have I not been proven strongest and loudest?”). Having gotten nowhere this way, he tries  the “You and I are misfits, let’s be misfits together” argument. That old chestnut has kept a lot of adventuring parties together.

It doesn’t work here…Hammerhead’s logic is strong, his pride is still wounded, and his philosophy is unshakable. But it may be the best effort Penk could have made. This will be the last conversation Hammerhead has, for a long time and maybe forever, with anyone of any race who can string together a sentence the way he can. However angry he is with Penk…and he is certainly angry, no question about that…that’s a lot to give up.