FB: Some faces, no words or even emoji can do justice.

This page adds little to the plot…Hammerhead has spelled out his reasons for leaving, and there’s not much Penk can counter with, so we already knew on the last page that this was goodbye. But it says a whole lot about Penk’s character that he treats Hammerhead like this as they part ways. Harky, in an effort to get Hammerhead back in line, would probably have threatened to suspend the truce between trolls and land sharks, not volunteered to extend it.

My cynical side says that this promise is not entirely Penk’s to make. He has just demonstrated, violently, that his coalition can reset policy every so often due to a change in leadership. Penk’s successor may not be quite so “respectful” toward a group that never quite agreed not to eat his citizens. But, you know, the same goes for every decision Penk’s gonna make. The best of us leave the best world we can behind for those who come after. And all we can do is all we can do.