FB: These national security councils are rotating faster and faster.

Let’s let Flo do the talking here:

OK so we’re going to try and get a good two or three pages worth of data into one here on the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words. So let’s prove that right!


1. Wide panel. Penk walks through the “downtown” of Souff Koral, such as it is. It’s a busy, busy, busy world! We’re talking Richard Scarry up in here. Soldiers of all walks of life from the Troll, Avian, Goblin, Gnoll, and Dwarf sects are packing up and loading rhinosaurs and brontothrashers alike as they muster for war. Families are saying their goodbyes, lovers their last kisses, soldiers bonding in camaraderie… Some passerby are saluting or cheering for the new Warchief. Penk’s “Hope & Change” rhetoric is energizing the populace, because a newer, stronger, Tectonican-favored leader right before the final fight is a good fucking omen, buddy.

But Penk walks through them dutifully. Warmly, but stoically, as he typically does. 


2. Wide panel. Penk pushes a drape away to enter the arrives in a familiar setting, the cabin of the “Royal” Brontothrasher cabin from all them chapters ago. He greets the newly established war council: 

Madam Arfa stands with a young, handsome gnoll who looks a bit more “wolf” than “Hyena” of the grey/silvery variety, and an eye patch. He looks like he’s seen a few fights in his time, but also seems like he’s survived them because of his wits. He is Arfa’s soon-to-be successor, and she holds onto his arm for old lady support (the fact that he’s devilishly good looking is just a perk). 

Gravedust is present, wearing something that is much fancier than he typically does, but is still very dwarven and not so fancy that he doesn’t look right in it. His hair is no longer in a ponytail, and it falls regally.

Don Gobligno is there, of course, sharing the wine with Arfa and her successor because Goddamn, she’s probably the only other person there besides him who knows what the fuck “A Good Time” is. 

Gondolessa stands alone, and wears black.