And now Byron’s player is checking Syr’Nj’s player out for a beat. Well, I won’t hold that against him, it’s only natural in this situation, and as long as he isn’t being a creep or making her uncomfortable…oh, you weren’t paying attention to that part?

FB: This account of the early beta-testing is starting to look a bit slanted. (Content warning: body horror.) I think this is the first and last “content warning” I put on the FB ads, which seems about right. Even Berserkgate wasn’t much more disturbing than this to me, though squickiness is subjective, of course.

In reality, Carol just picked up all the clothes and walked away, probably stealing her own glances at Best and Byron’s players as she did, and busied herself for the three hours HR said this would take. The first wave of panic came later, shortly after those three hours were up.

Happy Halloween!