FB: Goblaurence’s calculus is rarely deferential.

Not much to say about the discussion (I’m sure you caught the callback), except that a rougher draft had the team doing exactly what Syr’Nj seems to propose here.

From the script:

– Syr’Nj is stocked to the gills with weapons and gear, extra flashbangs, extra syringes. As she gears up/checks her belongings, she responds to Goblaurence’s irateness with her traditional steely nerves.

– Gravedust is tying his hair back, but a quiver PACKED full of arrows and his bow indicate that he’s ready for the goods. His wound from earlier should be tended to by now.

– Byron looks onward, towards the front. One of his axes in his hand. Solemn expresion.

– Frigg stands ready as well. She rests her mace over her shoulder.

– Best seems to be tuning his guitar, while keeping one eye on the destination ahead. his wound also bandaged up.

– Goblaurence, Clair, and the technicians from earlier should still all be present and accounted for, keeping the ship running for a drive-by sitch. Goblaurence is, however, unlocking and opening another crate of goodies.

It might be a liiiitle packed on the ship now, but that’s fine. They’re doing a drop-off, anyway.