I’ve done my best to fix the lettering issues that plagued a few of these pages (this one, 20, and especially 23). Flo was generally a fine letterer, but the roughness of the type placement on those pages always bugged me a little.

From the script: the HR shown here “looks like what someone might draw if they got a detailed description of the original HR, but no pictures.” It’s hard to be “accurately inaccurate” about HR, since even before he started eating Cyberian beasts, he was still all over the place as a character—seemingly penitent about his sins one moment, murdering an employee the next. But I think John’s perfectly “off” visual design here and the dialogue gets the job done.

The script on this version of the Five: “Emotionally, they look like refugees getting their picture taken for a relief organization, as if they’re about to plead for their very existence, which they are.”