FB: Gravity fails. 

Had we gone with the version of this story where Carol was still digging in her heels and refusing to help Shanna and Xan, then this page would’ve played out similarly, only with word-balloonless shouting between Shanna and Carol instead of the slow silent walk to start things off. In that version as in this, the anti-grav effect would interrupt everything. It would therefore be more complicated than this version at first, but there’s something to be said for starting a scene complicated and narrowing down to a key point.

This sequence was mine, and I went back and forth a lot on whether to make this page completely silent. If I added something to these panels it’d probably be a simple “All right… all right” from Carol or  a “–the hell?”  from Xan in panel 6,. But the silence of pages 28-30 helps unify them a bit and contrasts with their surrounding scenes, where the voices of HR and his puppets dominate the soundtrack.