The dynamics here confuse me a little. On the surface, it seems like a cute moment that recaptures the series’ early vibe, when our heroes would stumble to victory almost as often as they won by competence. It seems like Byron’s advice is supposed to be sensible and Frigg’s just being a Leroy Jenkins. But the images tell a different story: Frigg’s field probably couldn’t have stood up to the full, concentrated grip strength of the raging Dedalus, and evasion appears to have been a much better strategy in the face of that.

The most charitable way to read this, I think, is that it’s the opposite of what it looks like. Frigg has grown and Byron’s still having trouble thinking through Syr’Nj’s question, so Frigg is actually the better strategist at the moment. Or you can just relax and have fun with it.

FB: One’s reach exceeds one’s grasp (idiom). Definition: …

Flo: Me: “Woof, this flu is kicking my ass, better take a quick nap before I do the comic.” *TWELVE HOURS LATER* Me: “Oh no”