FB: Sure, sure, but when gods try to be QUIET about it all, you guys stop sacrificing us virgins and calves and start talking all fancy about “the clockwork universe” and then your philosophy professors start peppering us with gotcha questions like “Can you make a rock so heavy you can’t lift it, bro?” and our smiting fingers start to itch.

You can see the subtle clash in religious philosophy between me and Flo in the bonus jokes here…the FB promo, as usual, was mine, and the alt text, as usual, is Flo’s. But I’ve gotten into that already.

E-Merl will never be one of the ARKERRAN FIVE OF ULTIMATE DESTINY, but at least he scores a mention in their moments of greatest glory. Hey, it’s more than some of their other teammates got. [Cut to Bandit, seething]

At about this time, Flo signed us up as part of a story bundle with a handful of other webcomics: thanks go to Hiveworks’ social network for helping to put that together.