Ha ha, oh, “Best.”

The color-coding of articles of clothing probably needs little explanation here, but one of the things about developing comics that doesn’t always get a lot of attention is that your characters’ visual aspects should generally be uniform or as visually distinct as possible, and that extends to coloring. Every so often a character’s “key color” would play a role in the story and it was helpful to know those were identifiable (for the most part. Frigg’s red hair does compete with her armor’s gunmetal gray for attention).

(Major character names should also begin with different letters to make them easier to remember, but I’ve been hit and miss at following that one.)

I’m kinda fond of the exchange at the bottom, which Phil and I developed with a couple back-and-forths. I think we managed to hit the dynamic that Joel used most frequently in Hijinks, where he’s clearly one with this trio of nerds yet also just a bit done with this trio of nerds. Though every once in a while he’d make someone else the straight man for a change.