Writing deliberate nonsense can be harder than it sounds! I had to try at least three times before I got something that my subconscious wasn’t trying to make sound like something else.

John changed the level of damage here from his initial pencils to justify HR’s relatively calm reaction, and Phil adjusted the price of HR’s damage assessment once we got the final art. Even so and even in 2011, the idea that this huge mainframe was a less costly repair than a frikkin’ LAPTOP does not hold up under close examination, and that’s on me. The main point here is that at this point in the story, HR is not an easily rattled fellow. This will change.

“Get you out” as HR’s stated goal is somewhat misleading, of course. At this stage, it would be useful to him to decouple the Five, but he’d only save them if he could do so while furthering his own goals.