Good morning, Guildies! The time has come!


Since you demanded it, we now have a Patreon! Click here, or the above logo that I would be impressed if you missed somehow!

The Patreon is for us writers to finally see some sort of personal profit out of this here comic. As we’ve discussed many times in the past: we’ve maintained on paying John for every update for this long with no issues, but after that, all our revenue goes straight into running other aspects of the business.

So, if you think that we deserve the proverbial “Phat Lewt,” and also want to give your hard-working artist John a well-deserved raise, you can treat yourself to any of the following reward tiers via our Patreon:

Bringing our total to $1,000 a month means that Guilded Age can update 4 times a week again!
That’s right, we’ll go up to four a week again, with either more updates in the main story, or the triumphant retrun Ask An Adventurer (decided by Patreon poll).

$3 Pledgers get EARLY UPDATES with NO ADS directly in their Inbox!

$5 Pledgers get Patron-only wallpapers and avatars, as well as the early updates, access to Guilded Age Plus, and Monthly Google Hangouts with the Guilded Age Fam.

$10 Pledgers get all that crazy stuff as well as eBooks of the chapters as they finish, and access to the eBook backlog of Guilded Age!

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for sticking with us. With your continued generosity, T and I can keep Guilded Age the priority we all want it to be in our lives, and give us a stronger base for moving forward.