HAWM, Guildies.

Y’know, the funny thing is, we’ve officially reached the original expected lifespan of Guilded Age. We initially envisioned the project to last four years, but we vastly underestimated both how much time the story would take to finish and how much of the story we wanted to tell. Characters keep emerging, stories keep rearing their heads… and you guys, our amazing audience, keeps growing.

How could we leave you after only four years?

Well, either way, we have a good four more years ahead of us, most likely. Could be a little more, could be a little less. I mean really, we’re only now approaching the actual midpoint of the story, and after that… woof. For the volume that follows the one we’re currently in, shit gets pretty cray! And yes, we say that keeping in mind how cray Guilded Age has been lately. This is still the tip of the Crayberg.

But enough about the future. Let’s talk about the present.

The FRIGGSTARTER’s production chugs along slowly but surely. We’ve got a million bajillion things coming out of the FRIGGSTARTER and production on the physical goods should hit full swing at the end of September, when I’m done relocating my life across the fucking city. Meantime, we’re hard at work on the Volume 2 bonus story and other goods. We have to take a chance to again thank you, regular readers and FRIGGSTARTER backers alike, for your continued patience as we keep busy trying to chew all this Too Much that we bit off. We love you to death, and digital goods at the very least will begin to roll out soon!

But today, as is tradition, we’re going to do our usual Annual Ask Us Anything! That’s right folks, barring plot spoilers or other unforeseen unsavory topics, leave a question of any sort that you like in the comments and Team GA will answer them! It is that simple!

And a CONTEST: Whosoever can come up with the best Adventurer’s Illustrated article headline gets a free button & sticker pack in the mail! Just submit yours in the comments below! It, too, is that simple!

Thanks again, and stay tuned for the conclusion to Chapter 25 during the remainder of this week, followed closely by Guest Week 2013! If you still want to submit your own guest strip, we still have slots open! Deadline is Sunday the 8th!