I usually write these annos a few days to a few weeks in advance, just to keep ’em coming steadily without slowing up the rest of my life too much. So I gotta say, I wasn’t exactly expecting the protest scenes in Chapter 24 to be so… timely, when I was writing them up. Stay safe, if you can.

Likewise, there are a couple of jokes in this promo video that make 2020-me think, Wow, if we only knew, and I can’t decide whether that makes them less humorous today or more. I’m pretty sure you can pick ’em out for yourself.

Edit: apparently a lot of people are unable to see the video below for reasons I don’t understand (it shows up fine for me). You may be able to see it at our original Kickstarter page (note that the first thing you see on that page is an image; you have to scroll down just a bit to get to the video).