The dialogue here was generated randomly, so I have to say, it really works for E-Merl! The image of HR getting a more traditional wizard’s hat amuses me, too.

Hmm, apparently the Tomodachi Life cafe’s chain is named “Redfruit.” Edit: Nope, it’s the less interesting “Redfurt,” see comments.

Man, I miss talking with randos in cafes.

Thanks to my obsessive crossword knowledge, I still think of trilbies less as hats and more as outdated 19th-century slang for “feet.”

I can’t help but idly wonder about a more serious version of this conversation. E-Merl and HR are both wizards, and while HR is the kind of wizard who dabbles in black arts humans were not meant to know, soon enough E-Merl will be tempted along those lines too. But when that temptation does lead him to a fateful restaurant dialogue, it’ll be with someone else… someone whose plans merely align with HR’s.