This was our least popular filler feature, and it was all Flo’s idea! I take no responsibility! None! (hurls effigy of Flo under the bumper of an accelerating bus)

But hey, it’s not like I’ve never had experimental ideas that really didn’t work. I think readers not familiar with the video game Tomodachi Life (yours truly included) didn’t understand how randomized some of this stuff was, so the fact that Flo was able to work it and work it until she got some Guilded Age content that even sort of made sense was pretty remarkable. Like arranging a stack of flapjacks just right until we could see Frigg’s face in them.

That said, it’s tough even for me to follow a lot of this. Flo’s tags say she and I and Shanna are in there? I’ll take their word for it.

I’d say the most successful images are HR just chilling out in panel 4 and Carol the unfortunate magician’s assistant (a pretty appropriate role for her, really) in panel 6. But I am curious about what the heck kind of dating advice Ardaic would offer up, considering how much of a fool of himself he’s about to make with Syr’Nj.