After two years, the wait is finally over: Guilded Age Volume 1 now exists, and is available for pre-order! This $20, 184-page, full color book contains chapters 1-6 of Guilded Age, and a brand new eight-page bonus story illustrated by none other than Erica Henderson! It’s called Entitlement, and stars Byron the Berserker with special guests: The brothers Sundar the Sunderer and Rendar the Renderer. And a firework-powered chariot. What are they up to? Well you’ll just have to read the book to find out! Purchase your own copy in the T Campbell Store.

Want some bigger previews? Click the crap out of these.

The book is on pre-order for now. We had a handful of books rushed in time for Intervention and Webcomics Con. The rest are scheduled to arrive in our mitts on September 30th, standard shipping time can be expected after that. So you can wait until then, but FOR A LIMITED TIME, if you PRE-ORDER you’ll also get a free sticker pack and postcard!

For the past two years, you guys have given us overwhelming support. Buying the book is more than just a way to show us your love: The more copies we sell, the sooner we’ll be able to produce Volume 2 and more bonus stories for Guilded Age Plus. We want to offer you guys more than just the main story itself, and the quickest path to that is selling the crap out of this book. So pre-order today! You’ll have one dope as fuck book on your hands and you’ll be contributing to even more Guilded Age content. It’s a win-win, no matter how you slice it.

Thank you, our beloved Guildies, as always, for your making us what we are, and what we’re going to be. We return to your regularly scheduled story on Wednesday and will proceed to its conclusion, followed by Guest Week 2012!

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