Apart from the condescension in the phrase “listen to reason,” this section is actually pretty accurate. We never went as far with the variety of avian designs as the first section implies, though. John will tend to make members of a non-human species look alike in key respects, including coloring, unless asked otherwise, and that wasn’t something Phil and I could always remember to request.

Yeah, I know.

Sometime between this page and the previous page, I made the formal announcement that Erica was leaving the series. The deadline crisis that had led to this week of kinda-sorta filler hadn’t gone away and Erica had already been sidelining a lot of personal stuff to keep going on a series that (oh by the way) wasn’t paying anything like a minimum wage for any of us. So it was time for her to go, but that left me and Phil in severe crisis mode. How would we keep the content coming until we could find another artist… if we could find another artist?

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