I was mildly surprised at the number of readers who didn’t get this, which made me realize other pun-names were likewise going past them. “Frigg?” “Payet Best?” Every other member of the ‘Nj family, and every other wood elf? Ah, well, you never know what’s gonna land, or with whom.

One reported that they took Byron’s early line “I know it rhymes with ‘orange'” a little too seriously. (Man, it still cracks me up that at one point our #1 power couple was on a “WHAT was your name again?” basis.)

Speaking of Byron, he and Gravedust are likely the best audience for this revelation of Syr’Nj’s, because they’d be gentle and understanding about it. Everyone else would tease her except E-Merl, who’d be convinced that she was actually playing some kind of joke on him.