You can follow this link or this one to see discussion of kobold sentience, which also cropped up in the comments to this one. No disrespect to anyone, but I’ve said all I wanted to say on that topic and don’t really plan to touch it again.

I’m more interested here in Tignos’ brand of capitalism, which works as barbed satire no matter what you believe about the above. I can have some sympathy for the guy as a fellow small-time businessman meeting day-to-day challenges with pluck and optimism (we here at Guilded Age likewise dealt with supplies of our product that exceeded demand). But “one has to… increase demand, and therefore introduce new products” sure sounds like the sort of neverending cycle that, writ large, explains a lot about Gastonia’s sins against other Arkerran nations and even its own people.

(Incidentally, I do slightly regret using Tim Gunn as the model for Tignos after learning Gunn was (and is) an outspoken critic of using animal fur in fashion. But I don’t think too many people even recognized the parallel, let alone thought we were trying to say anything about the real person from the behavior of the fictional character he loosely inspired. The Heads of Houses should not be read as personal attacks on their namesake game developers, either.)