Like in the previous strip, Flo here is doing something I generally think of as my technique, which I sometimes championed despite her active opposition: just coming up with a brand-new chunk of Arkerran history out of whole cloth, sliding it into what we’d already set up without feeling bound by earlier installments. Being forced to do this to create a race for Karmakat may have convinced her that the delicate construction of Arkerra wouldn’t collapse because of such additions.

(Flo would probably argue with me that she did improv all the time, but I think it’s a difference of scale, and of her investing earlier and more fully into the worldbuilding as it was.)

Be mindful you don’t get sucked into a radicalization bubble. I figure if you’re reading this strip you probably have to worry less about it, but I’ve still seen a lot of people I consider friends get more absolutist and uncompromising over time. Hard times increase the appeal of simplistic solutions.

Dang, that monster moonface in panel 5 is perfect. Again, it’s just scary enough, just ridiculous enough.