No technique’s perfect! It reads a little weird to be showing Xan here and the Cultist monster a few installments back, before showing their official intro into the canon. But it also would have been weird to push the AaAs to later and have Rachel appearing in several AaAs after she (ahem) left the series. And it was weird to do it the way we did it originally, with these AaAs just sprinkled through the text at regular intervals, and it would also be strange to divide the AaA feature into multiple chunks. I basically don’t see a non-weird solution here. Oh, well!

I’m glad to get a little look at Xan’s philosophy outside of direct responses to Shanna and the big Hurricane conspiracy. He’s an intriguing paradox, a seemingly flat, emotionless character who actually feels quite a lot about many things, but doesn’t always know the right ways to express it. He doesn’t have much time for conventional interactions, with their elaborate etiquettes and all that. But he’ll make his own way.

Points to the readers who noticed the window in the last frame. I don’t really get antsy about referencing real-life brands in comics anymore, but Jason’s impulse was still “better safe than sorry,” sometimes. Still, this is very clearly Not-McDonald’s, not actual chicken restaurant McDougal’s.