Shrev here would not be with us very long, but he sure didn’t waste what screen time he had, introducing us to four different species-cultures in almost less time than it takes to tell it. I sure wish my pain-induced ramblings when I was in need of medical assistance were half so productive.

Although we planned to follow up with the winter elves here and eventually did, there was a point in the middle of the series where our plans were so much in flux that we weren’t sure we’d get to them at all, at least not within the main story. I’m glad we sorted that one out, because this bit would’ve been really unsatisfying if we hadn’t.

If this actually takes place a bit after Best’s story in this chapter, then it’d be reasonable that Shrev would specifically think of Best as an example of an elf without magic, as it didn’t take Best long to achieve some fame once he left the town that made him what he is today.

Syr’Nj’s tattoos were in her design notes right from the start, so the big tats that Erica gives the sample wood elves here are foreshadowing in a sense.