In retrospect, I’m not sure why Syr’Nj explains her lack of equipment with her trainee status, unless they’re so short on gear in this armed conflict that they’re only giving them to the experienced medics who are most likely to use them properly. TBH, that seems unlikely, given that Gastonia has vast resources and this isn’t nearly as intense fighting as the nation will shortly see. A better explanation is that someone gave her that excuse and sent her out with less equipment, setting her up to fail. At this point, Syr’Nj would still be trusting enough to be suckered by that.

Shrev’s original last line was “And bedside manner! They’re also supposed to have bedside manner!” and, well, you decide which you like better. I gotta say, if somebody responsible for my medical condition starts using terms like “sap” and “root rot” to describe my organs while informing me that I’m basically their practice dummy, I might get a little insensitive myself.