Yeah, I’m with you, Frigg! I’m not gonna deal with immensely powerful machinery trying to crush me to death either! Just not having it today. Maybe Sunday, if I’m feeling patient.

RIP Hammertank the First. I made a deliberate decision not to tag it even though Phil did in the original run, because we’ll see too many other variations on the tank design and making tags for things that aren’t characters is a road I don’t want to go down.

Our running gag of Frigg getting magick powers but no one else seeing or believing in them was Phil’s idea, inspired by the original 1955 Michigan J. Frog cartoon. If you’ve only seen Michigan as the spokescreature for the old WB network, you might not know his shtick from that short: he would sing and dance and perform for one person who’d try to use his “miracle frog” to gain fame, only to be frustrated time and again as the frog refused to perform before anyone else. This was a cute comic premise, but kind of a weird fit to promote a TV network aimed at a mass audience. I guess they didn’t want to risk associating Bugs Bunny with it if it turned out to be a dud, and maybe that was a wise decision, in retrospect.