I am inordinately proud of the “Keynes”/”Keens” pun and connecting it to the few little scraps we’d developed about avian culture. That’s the highlight of this page for me, so I guess Scipio wins it, but everybody gets their little piece of glory here. It is interesting to see Gravedust abet a lie so convincingly.

(Also, can’t help but visualize Bandit Keens, a gnomish version of the Vulture who takes his birdsona a little too seriously but would still be offensive as hell to any actual avians he meets.)

We definitely were still thinking of Bandit Keynes’ player as a cis male at this point, not a trans woman, or I wouldn’t have included the “this Keens dude” gag. Had we followed our original plan there, the gag would’ve been a little nod to her player’s identity; it ended up losing that deeper meaning, but the surface reading still works fine.

It probably isn’t great for Bandit’s issues that the gnomes imply she’s dragging the Peacemakers down in the public’s estimation, rather than them lifting her up.