Here we explore Rachel and her motives a little more deeply and end up with a more nuanced vision of the Sisterhood, too. Was it ultimately a vehicle for Scarlett’s tyranny? Yyyeah, pretty much… but it had a lot of associated traditions and institutions that were originally founded with an eye toward the public good, and many of those had not been bent too far from their original purpose.

So it’s possible for Rachel to be proud of the work she did there even as she acknowledges that Mother– sorry, SCARLETT– led the Sisterhood as a whole to commit OTHER acts for which the populace would want revenge.

Bottom line: you can only be intelligent and be a person of faith if you’re willing to accept contradictions (and I’d define “person of faith” as anyone who believes firmly in any large, abstract moral or cosmological structure). Again, shit’s complicated.

And for that reason, Gravedust’s pointed questions are somewhat justified. Rachel herself won’t ultimately end up repeating Scarlett’s excesses, but some of her sisters, well…