When we expanded Byron and Syr’Nj’s section to accomodate the bear fight, I made up my mind to shrink this one, partly because I wanted to keep within 24 pages. But it was also because it’s such a simple idea, I think it’s better served by the rule of threes.

Then I realized that it should go in the middle of the feeding-the-hungry scene so that Rachel could drop some exposition that would lead us into it, meaning that the scene as a whole could remain wordless.

Is there a sexual dimension to Frigg’s aggression with Scipio? Well, on the one hand, definitely yes. Absolutely. Uh-huh. You bet. But on the other hand, saying that tends to invoke the Freudian idea that sexual drives underlie everything else about us, and I think there are other things at the core of Frigg. I think it’s more accurate to say that there’s an aggressive dimension to everything she does, including all her sexual relationships or attempts at same.