This scene was written well before “Woodreads.” We knew the general shape of Syr’Nj’s own childhood and adolescence, but not the specifics of her interval with Gr’Zl: it just seemed like hiding out from a Gaston-like suitor in the library would be something likely for Syr’Nj to do. The second frame shows her wearing her own varryn proudly, as if she was into the idea of a lifelong pair-bond before learning what wood elf boys were actually like.

I realize no one got it when we were trying to show Syr’Nj as crushing on Best in the early chapters, but even if we’re being hypothetical, Payet Best would be more attractive to Syr’Nj than her own people. He and Gr’Zl are both egomaniacs, but at least Payet pays attention to the art of pleasing a woman, has some experience as an outsider navigating anti-elf prejudice, has more intelligence than most give him credit for, and actually respects Syr’Nj for her brain. I mean, it’d still never work out, but at least she wouldn’t be actively fleeing him on their second meeting.

And while we’re doing callbacks, here’s Rachel singing happily, and once more annoying Frigg by imitating her.